Bhuvi Libanio, born Ana Luiza Libânio de Rezende Dantas, is a bilingual professional with an undergraduate degree in Language and Literature from UFMG—Federal University of Minas Gerais— M.A. degree in Latin American Studies with Gender Studies Certificate from Ohio University, and Human Rights Certificate from UEMG—State University of Minas Gerais. As an independent contractor she works for publishing houses and language companies, providing translations, readings, localization and other jobs alike. As a teacher she has worked with students at all levels of schooling, focused on education as practice of freedom, and on critical thinking. Bhuvi is also a certified language instructor.


M.A. in Latin American Studies (2007–2008)

  • Ohio University, OH, USA

Women’s, Gender Studies Certificate (2007–2008)

  • Ohio University, OH, USA

Undergraduate Degree in Language Arts and Literature (1997–2001)

  • UFMG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil


Books and Poem — English to Portuguese

  • Predestinados, Josephine Angelini. Hired by Intrínseca, 2008. Original title: Starcrossed.
  • Dever de casa para adultos, E. Foley e B. Coates. Hired by Civilização Brasileira, 2008, in press. Original title: Homework for Grown-ups.
  • O poder da arte, Boris Groys. Hired by Editora UFMG, 2010, in press. Original title: Art Power.
  • Platão no Googleplex: Por que a filosofia não vai desaparecer, Rebecca Goldstein. Hired by Civilização Brasileira, 2015. Original title: Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won’t Go Away.
  • A maravilhosa caleche de um só cavalo: A obra-prima do diácono, Oliver Wendell Holmes. Hired by LTC, 2015. Original title: The Deacon’s Masterpiece, or, the Wonderful “One-hoss Shay”: A Logical Story.
  • O feminismo é para todo mundo, bell hooks. Hired by Rosa dos Tempos, 2018. Original title: Feminism is for everybody.

Books — Portuguese to English

  • The Incredible Lizard Factory, Tael Araújo. Hired by the author, published on iBooks, 2013.
  • Etare: The Rise of the Princeps, Paulo G. Marinho. Hired by Lacruce,  published on Amazon e-Book, 2013.
  • Harpia, João Marcos Rosa. Hired by Agência Nitro, 2009. (Captions)
  • Grande Hotel de Araxá, Eterna fonte da beleza e da memória, Gabriel Rocha e Marcelo Prates. Hired by Asa de Papel, 2014. (Captions)
  • I Always Fall for the Wrong Guy, de Laura Conrado. Hired by Novo Século, 2014. (Abridged)
  • The Day the Wind Disappeared, Graciela Mayrink. Hired by LPM, 2015. (Abridged)
  • Don’t Fool Yourself, Isabela Freitas. Hired by Intrínseca, 2015. (Abridged)
  • The One-Billion-Dollar Click: The Incredible Story of Brazilian Mike Krieger, Cofounder of Instagram, Filipe Vilicic. Hired by Intrínseca, 2015. (Abridged)
  • Turn-Offs: Sex Confessions of a Young Writer, Jacques Fux. Hired by Rocco, 2015. (Abridged)
  • Elena: Daughter of the Princess, Marina Carvalho. Hired by Galera, 2015. (Abridged)
  • Amazing!, Maurício Gomyde. Hired by Intrínseca, 2015. (Abridged)
  • Nihonjin, Oscar Nakasato. Hired by the author, 2016. (Abridged)
  • It’s the Zika Virus, Débora Diniz. Hired by the author, 2016. (Abridged)
  • The Art of Neglect, Cristina Tardáguila. Hired by Intrínseca, 2016. (Abridged)
  • Illustrious Poetry, Pedro Gabriel. Hired by Intrínseca, 2016. (Abridged)
  • My Name is Antonio: The Second Book, Pedro Gabriel. Hired by Intrínseca, 2016. (Abridged)
  • Moon Dust, Clarice Freire. Hired by Intrínseca, 2016. (Abridged)
  • A Night Up with Moon Dust, de Clarice Freire. Hired by Intrínseca, 2016. (Abridged)
  • Love According to Buenos Aires, Fernando Scheller. Hired by the author, 2017. (Abridged)
  • How to Kill the Blue Butterfly: A Chronicle of the Dilma Era, Monica Baumgarten de Bolle. Hired by Intrínseca, 2017. (Abridged)
  • Don’t String Yourself Along, Isabela Freitas. Hired by Intrínseca, 2017. (Abridged)
  • Ina, The Three-Legged Ant, Sérgio Antônio Saldanha. Hired by the author, published on Amazon e-Book, 2017.
  • Don’t Stop!, FML Pepper. Hired by the author, 2017. (Abridged)
  • 13, FML Pepper. Hired by the author, 2017. (Abridged)
  • The Devil’s Visit, Vanessa D.R. Fontana. Hired by the author, published on Amazon e-Book, 2017.
  • Fantastic Tales: Sometimes imagination transposes into reality, Vanessa D.R. Fontana. Hired by the author, published on Amazon e-Book, 2017.
  • Hooked on Myself, Laura Conrado. Hired by the author, 2017. (Abridged)
  • The History of Malikah, Marina Carvalho. Hired by the author, 2017. (Abridged)
  • Secret Dinner, de Raphael Montes. Hired by RT Features, 2017.
  • Purity (feature film script). Hired by Gaya Filmes, 2018.

Book and Article — Spanish to Portuguese

  • Passos debaixo d’água, de Alicia Kozameh. Unpublished, 2010. (Original title: Pasos bajo el agua)
  • Articles for the book Nações e nacionalismos. Hired by Civilização Brasileira, 2015.

Book — Author

  • The Autonomous Sex, Saarbrücke: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG, 2010.
  • A história de Carmen Rodrigues, São Paulo: Ser Mais, 2014.
  • 17, Belo Horizonte: Quintal Edições, 2018.
  • Para ler com fluência: jogos, atividades e desafios (v. 1-4), Brasília: Instituto Alfa e Beto, 2009. (Coauthored with Juliana Castro)

Other Publications

  • Precipício. (Unpublished script for short film).
  • Parênteses. – fiction, HD, 22min, 2013, MG, Brasil, Directors: Gustavo Brandão, Gustavo Pains, and Marinho Antunes. (Screenplay).
  • A Igreja do Diabo. (Screenplay adaptation of the eponymous short story by Machado de Assis, short-film.
  • Ar de Van Gogh. (Unpublished script for short film).


  • Alpha Language Consulting Agency — books, articles, and captions
  • Rotary Magazine, Brazil — articles and subtitles
  • Vigilantes do Peso (Weight Watchers in Brazil) — articles and magazines
  • MSR Tradução — subtitles
  • Camisa Listrada — subtitles
  • Natrilha — subtitles
  • Canção Nova — subtitles
  • M. Quatro Design — caption, marketing pieces
  • Fazenda Filmes — subtitles
  • Trade Produção — subtitles
  • TVT — origination and localization


  • English/Portuguese Bilingual
  • Spanish: fluent reader and writer


International Conference: IV Congresso Internacional de Tradução e Interpretação da ABRATES, Belo Horizonte, MG.

V Congresso Luso-Brasileiro de Autores (2015)

  • Paper: “Diversidade e literatura” [Diversity in Literature]
    São Paulo,SP, Brazil

IV Congresso Internacional de Tradução e Interpretação da ABRATES (2013)

  • Attended the conference
    Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Department of Modern Languages Colloquium, Ohio University (2013)

  • Paper: “Language in Literature: About Identity, Discourse, and Translation”
    Athens, OH, EUA.

Chapman University. Symposium Alicia Kozameh: ética y estética y las acrobacias de la palabra escrita (2013)

  • Paper: “Language, Discourse, and Women’s Writing – Pasos bajo el agua
    Orange, CA, EUA.

7th Ohio Latin Americanist Conference (2008)

  • Paper: “The Autonomous Sex: Female Body and Voice in Alicia Kozameh’s Writing of Resistance”
    Athens, OH, EUA.

6th Ohio Latin Americanist Conference (2007)

  • Paper: “Women in Argentina and the Development of Feminist Movements: Feminism Before and After Evita Perón”
    Columbus, OH, EUA.



2007 – 2007 | Screenwriting.
Ohio University – Athens, OH, USA.
Professor: Jeanette Buck

2011 – 2011 | Screenwriting.
Cine Aberto Laboratório de Filmes – Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.
Professor: Gilberto Scarpa

2012 – 2012 | Research Workshop: Playwright.
Galpão Cine Horto – Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.
Professors: Grace Passô, Márcio Abreu, Roberto Alvin, Newton Moreno.

2013 – 2013 | Screenwriting Workshop – 16th Tiradentes Film Festival
Tiradentes, MG, Brazil.
Professor: Marcelo Vindicatto

2013 – 2013 | Screenwriting Workshop – 8th Ouro Preto Film Festival
Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil.
Professor: David França Mendes

2013 – 2013 | Screenwriting Workshop (documentary) – 7th CineBH Film Festival
Belo Horizonte – MG.
Professor: Joel Pizzini

2014 – 2014 | Screenwriting Workshop – 17th Tiradentes Film Festiva
Tiradentes – MG.
Professor: Di Moretti

2014 – 2014 | Certificate in Human Rights

2014 – 2014 | 3a. Franco-Brazilian Screenwriting Workshop – Varilux French Film Festival*
Rio de Janeiro – RJ.
Production by: François Sauvagnargues
Professors: Corinne Klompe e Angelo Cianci
*Selected with the feature film project “The Secret of the Flesh”.

2014 – 2014 | Extension Course: Education and Human Rights